Great Ideas For Your Cafe Sign

Published: 19th March 2010
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Signs for your cafe include front of shop signs, internal menu boards, and other advertising signs.

Your external cafe shopfront signs need to take into account the street or shopping centre regulations to ensure they are consistent with what is allowed. Nothing is worse than having signs installed that only later need to be pulled down.

Typical options for your external cafe signs include:

* traditional canti-levered or bulkhead lightboxes. if they are canti-levered then they are double sided, if the lightboxes are going flush to a wall they are single-sided.

* fabricated lightboxes whereby only the lettering and or logo illuminate. the letters that illuminate can be flush with the box or can protude by 10mm, 20mm or even thicker.

* flat panels. typical options include aluminium composite panel with either a digital print to the face or vinyl lettering to the face. protecting the print or vinyl with an over-laminate is a good idea to assist with delaying the fading effects of the sun and also to ensure dirt and grime gets in between the vinyl and the panel.

* fabricated letters, by this we mean letters and/or a logo that is 50-150mm in thickness and are individually applied directly to the shopfront bulkhead. individual letters are normally illuminated with neon and are very bright. they stand out the most as they have a big contrast between the flat bulkhead behind the letters and the actual letters themselves seeing as though they stand out so much. they are also one of the more expensive options.

So once you have taken into account what is allowed in the location, your budget along with the look and feel of your store are both important factors to take into consideration when looking for cafe signs.

This article was written for Sydney Sign company, Blueprint Concepts. Blueprint Concepts are a signwriting company who help businesses with a wide range of signage needs, from neon to car graphics.

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